TYSL Team Qualifications

Team Qualifications

  1. The Board will determine procedures and requirements for team entry.
  2. Completed team registration forms must be supplied to permit division placement and game scheduling.
  3. Teams must comply with specific requirements indicated on the team information forms supplied by the League.
  4. Clubs must provide a regulation field for every team’s home game. Fields must be in playable condition at the start of the season and remain in playable condition throughout the season.
  5. Each year the Board will establish protocol for team placement. The number of subdivisions within each age group will be determined each year by the Board based on the team entries.
  6. Every effort will be made by the Board to generate a competitive division by placing teams in the appropriate subdivision level within their age group. This may cause the placement level to be different from the team’s request. Where age group numbers and team competitiveness allow Division 1 will be comprised of 7 teams (6 teams in U19 age group).
  7. A division is allowed to have multiple teams from the same club.
  8. The Board has the final determination of team placement.page7image22376