YSL Spectator Misconduct

Spectator Misconduct and Violations

Spectator misconduct includes but is not limited to verbal abuse (of referee, opposing coach, player or another spectator), unauthorized entry to the field of play, fighting or threats. A team and club are responsible for the conduct of their spectators.Minor Spectator Team Misconduct and Violations

  • A minor infraction is when the referee indicates unacceptable spectator misconduct on the game report.
  • The division coordinator may warn a team for a first offense depending on the severity described on the game report, but otherwise the fine is noted on the annual schedule of fines.
  • The Board reserves the right to impose additional sanctions on a club for repeated spectator misconduct.

Spectator Ejection Incidents and Violation

  • Spectators ejected from the game must leave the field of play and are not permitted to watch the game. They must stay away the remainder of the match.
  • The referee must document the violation on the game report.
  • Fines appropriate for a spectator ejection incident are noted on the annual schedule of fines.