YSL Referee Duties/Abuse

Duties of the Referee

  • The referee will be the sole judge on the field and the decisions of the referee on the laws of the game will be final. Complaints about referees may be directed to the Referee Unit using the Referee Evaluation Form. However, if after an investigation, the complaint is found to be groundless or trivial, the complaining team will be dealt with, as the League may deem fit. The referee must supply verification of player eligibility to coaches on request.
  • The fees and traveling expenses of the referee will be set by mutual agreement between the Referee Unit and the League for the season in which the games are played.
  • The referee, upon arrival at the playing grounds, will inspect the field of play and will be the sole judge as to its fitness. If the referee finds the field to be unplayable, the game will be postponed and the home team will pay the referee the minimum fee.
  • In case the appointed referee fails to appear, a registered referee present at the grounds will conduct the game. If a registered referee is not present, any other person capable of conducting the game will be appointed by mutual consent and agreement of the teams concerned. The substitute referee is entitled to the regular fee. The substitute referee must complete the game reports and mail it to the Division Coordinator. Any passes of ejected players or coaches should also be mailed to the Division Coordinator if a referee fails to appear.
  • Should a referee become incapacitated during the progress of the game from any cause that would prevent their officiating, the referee will turn control of the game over to any registered referee present, or to another person mutually agreed upon, who will conduct the game to its conclusion.
  • If a referee is assaulted or caused bodily harm due to the neglect of a team to provide adequate protection, that team will be fined at the discretion of the League. Said team will be liable to the referee, upon proven evidence, for any consequences of such an assault.
  • The referee must wear the official uniform at all games they officiate.
  • The referee must complete the official League paperwork as follows:

a. The online refereeā€™s game report must be completed within 50 hours from the start of the game.b. Any passes from ejected players or coaches must be mailed to the Division Coordinator and postmarked within 24 hours after the game.

Abuse or Assault of a Referee

Any misconduct or violations towards a referee will not be tolerated. The following applies to a player, coach or spectator:

  • Abuse (including foul language) or physical threats toward the referee will result in fines and suspension. These are outlined in the USSF Referee Administration Handbook.
  • Procedures for handling referee assaults are based on the USSF Referee Administration Handbook.