YSL Parent Code of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct

Achieving a high level of sportsmanship from our players starts with the parents.   One of your responsibilities as a parent or guardian is to conduct yourself in a way that reflects positively on yourself, your child, your child’s team, your family, TYSL and the game of soccer.  Soccer is the player’s game.  Parents who do not conduct themselves appropriately will be subject to discipline with TYSL and/or its governing bodies that could include suspensions.  TYSL is dependent on the parents to set an example for coaches, players, spectators and officials.  Listed below are behaviors you are expected to exhibit at all times.

1.        I will learn and follow the laws of the game at all times.

2.        I will remember that the game is for the players and not for the adults.

3.        I will recognize that soccer demands that my child make decisions on the pitch (field) and that my child will make and learn from mistakes.  Yelling instructions keeps my child from learning because it may be contrary to what the coach has told him and it may hinder him from making his own decision.

4.        I will control my language and not use foul or inappropriate language while participating in soccer related activities.

5.        I will have my child arrive on time for all practices and games.  I will notify the coach well in advance whenever there is a problem in attending a scheduled event.

6.        I will let the coach, coach and not yell directions and instructions from the sidelines.

7.        I will talk to the coach privately and not in front of others if issues arise.

8.        I will respect the opposing team and not cause or seek out any confrontation.

9.        I will respect the game officials and not make comments from the sidelines about decisions made on the pitch.  I will remember that they are in control of the pitch and acknowledge that they are human and will make mistakes.  Open confrontation with the officials in the end will not serve my child’s team well.  The officials will have the last word even if it results in my being ejected from the pitch or the area.

10.     I will only shout or speak words of encouragement from the sidelines and I will cheer for all players.

11.     I will not encourage any behavior that would endanger the health or well being of the athlete.

12.     I will value skill development, fair competition and effort.

13.     I will adhere to the highest standards and the regulations of TYSL and its governing authority.  I will seek to honor those who uphold the highest standards and principles of soccer and will use appropriate protocol to oppose and eliminate all behavior that brings disrepute to the sport, e.g. violence, abuse, dishonesty, disrespect, gossip and violations of the laws of the game and rules governing competition.