Team Obligations


1.     The home team coach/team official is responsible for contacting the opposing coach/team official at least 72 hours prior to the game to verify location, time, and uniform color.

2.     If there is a color conflict in the uniform, the home team, PRIOR TO THE GAME, shall be responsible for resolving this conflict.

3.     Player uniform shirts (except that of the goalkeeper) must clearly display a unique player number which corresponds to the player number for that player as shown on the Official State Roster. The player number on the uniform shirt must be displayed on the shirt back and sized between six (6) inches and eight (8) inches high.  A team’s failure to comply with this rule may result in a forfeiture to the opposition by a score of 3-0.

4.     In accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game, shin guards will be MANDATORY equipment for all players in all  games.

5.       The home team is to provide the game ball, a PROPERLY LINED AND CUT FIELD, nets, corner flags and lights

(when required).

6.       a.     For purpose of these rules, prepared shall include: lined, cut, nets corner flags in place, and lights (when required); and, playable shall mean: available and safe for game play in the judgement of the referee.

b.     Violations due to a lapse in responsibility may result in game forfeiture or loss of the opportunity to host future home games.

c.     If, on game day, a game is moved from the scheduled field to another field – with the agreement of both coaches and the referee – the home team for that game remains responsible for the preparation of the scheduled field or notification of the change to the coaches of the following games.  Notification or agreement is not necessary to move the game from the assigned field to an available alternate field within walking distance.

d.     For extenuating circumstances not involving a lapse in responsibility on the part of the home team or club, exceptions maybe made by league directors.