Parents Roles on Sidelines

Parents’ Role on the Sidelines
Soccer provides a fun, athletic activity that teaches teamwork, character and leadership skills. As parents, our support on sidelines can help achieve these if directed in a positive manner.
Kids participate in Sports for the Following Reasons:
 Competence (learning / improving)
 Affiliation (Being part of a team/ club)
 Fitness (agility, balance, coordination, and physical health)
 Fun (Primary reason children play sports)
Notice that “winning” is not one of the reasons.

Why do kids stop? Primary reasons are “ADULT CONTROLLED” behaviors.
 Lack of Playing Opportunity
 Overemphasis on Winning
 Lack of Fun/ Learning Environment
 Overwhelming Pressure from Parents

We all want the best for our children; most parents are positive on the sidelines. However, sometimes forget the games are for the children; not the adults. Games themselves are the best teachers; not shouting from the sidelines.
How do you support your child from the sidelines?
 Celebrate small victories achieved on the field.
 Focus on: accurate passing; defensive effort; ball control; first touches.
 Encouraging Statements: “great effort; well done; keep working…”
 Don’t focus on just goals and biggest kicks.
 DO NOT COACH! “Shoot it! Kick it!” May contradict coach’s instructions. Confuses Kids
Post-Game Support
 Focus on whether or not they learned anything/ had fun.
 Ask your player what they thought of the game.
 The player needs a parent much more than another coach.
 Remember Winning isn’t the Primary reason they play!
 If they complain, remember they just want to vent…lend a listening ear!

Next time you are on the sidelines supporting your player remember:
 Game is for the kids to play and for us to enjoy watching.
 Game itself is the best teacher.
 Sideline coaching confuses kids, sometimes contradicts coach’s instructions.
 Let the kids play!