Kick-Off Statement

League Teams: We now have 7 teams in the league: Zalgris, Wachusett, Gardner, Oxford, Auburn, Millbury and U-Nations.

Rosters: Each team must provide a roster to the referee at each game. I’ll send out a template later today.

Ref Fees: Home team pays the $80 referee fee.  Playoff games will have 3 referees. Both teams will split the cost of 1st round and semi-final matches. As well as any field fee. The referee fee and field fee for the final match will be paid by the league.

The schedule  on the league website:

ML Schedule 2014

Bond: I need each team to send me a bond check for $100. This is to cover the red card fees or if a team forfeits without proper notice. I need the bond check by the 2nd week. Bond checks will not be cashed unless needed for violations.

Bond fee payable to David Partridge.
Mail to 181 Hubbardston Rd, Princeton MA 01541

Mass Soccer Association All Players must be registered to play! To renew your membership or register as a new member please go to this website:

Red card fees are as follows: A player gets 1, $25. His 2nd $50, his 3rd $75. If that player gets a 4th red card, he will likely be kicked out of the league. Red cards result in the player sitting out 1 game. Red card fees can be appealed, though the player will not be able play until the card fee is paid or the appeal is granted.

Forfeit:If you need to forfeit contact Markens, Bruce Breaupre (Referee Coordinator) David and opposing team manager. A phone call to everyone’s cell phone would be a good idea too. This must be done before 3:00 of the day of the game. If this is not done and one team and referee shows up for the game, the team that does not show will have to pay the referee fee. If possible, we will make up the game.

Player Conduct:    Don’t prevent a free kick from a quick start by standing less than 5 yards from where the ball is placed. This will result in a yellow card. If the ball is out of bounds, don’t kick it away, this will also result in a yellow card. Simply put, just play the game fairly.. You can play hard, just don’t be cheap.

Referee Treatment: let them do their jobs. We will have one referee per game for regular season games.  
Please remember, referees are human. They will make mistakes, they will miss offsides calls, especially since we have only one referee. So, don’t get upset. If the referee doesn’t make a call you think he should, perhaps he is playing advantage. I will ask the referee coordinator to ask the referees to call “play-on” when appropriate.

Please don’t get in an argument during the game. If you want to discuss a call, wait until half-time or after the game. This is NOT THE WORLD CUP. We all just want to play the game we enjoy. So, play hard, not dirty or cheap..

Let’s have fun and a great season.